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Giveo/Angry Bovine Deliver on Grand Trunk Study Abroad Program

I’ve met shitty designers that would never be allowed in art school, and self proclaimed high power developers that aren’t qualified to write “hello world.”  Rarely, am I “astonished” by profound professionalism in the design/developer space. Two months ago, I brought together a team for Grand Trunk Goods for a new school covert marketing opp. […]

What is SEO?

When many designers and companies think about building a website they hold the customer experience in mind, but often forget about how people find websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of a long term successful web site marketing and web site promotion campaign. Search engine optimization is a specialty in web site […]

Understanding Key Phrase Content Development

At the heart of good search engine optimization is content. What is being spoken about and how that content is organized is the single most important factor in building a good website. If written properly, the content inspires visitors and draws search engine results. If written poorly, visitors will bounce and search engines will not […]

Website Redesign 101

Websites need continuous improvement. Many of our clients come to us with huge traffic volumes but no sales. Others have huge websites, but no traffic. By Remodeling a web site, we are able to bring the entire online presence to the next level, increasing visibility and generating more sales. My Goal is Always to: Improve […]

508c Consulting

All of the new web sites we design and old websites we remodel are created as 508c compliant. Understanding 508c Section 508 refers to the portion of the United States Federal Rehabilitation Act discussing equal access to information technology for people with disabilities. Within this law, all government agencies and contractors working with government agencies […]