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Global mobile payments to reach $945 billion by 2015

We’ve been talking about the future of the digital wallet for almost a year at Inspire Commerce, and we see InspirePay as our humble entre into this world as a technology provider.  Our perspective… we need a democratized electronic wallet that allows for transparency in fees, open competition, and simplification of an otherwise complex process […]

Once Online Payments Sucked… Then there was InspirePay

Adii, Thank you for the amazing reason to finally launch my own blog… so I can speak freely about this subject (hopefully it will be more than just financial transaction technology, as that would be boring as hell).  I agree 100% that Paypal is absolute shit.  Can they change?… yes.  The issue is, there is NO competition […]

Website Redesign 101

Websites need continuous improvement. Many of our clients come to us with huge traffic volumes but no sales. Others have huge websites, but no traffic. By Remodeling a web site, we are able to bring the entire online presence to the next level, increasing visibility and generating more sales. My Goal is Always to: Improve […]