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Giveo/Angry Bovine Deliver on Grand Trunk Study Abroad Program

I’ve met shitty designers that would never be allowed in art school, and self proclaimed high power developers that aren’t qualified to write “hello world.”  Rarely, am I “astonished” by profound professionalism in the design/developer space. Two months ago, I brought together a team for Grand Trunk Goods for a new school covert marketing opp. […]

On the 8th Day

I really wish we had another day in the week so I could write more blog articles.  Anyone else have this issue?  Between running a business, being married with two kids (one 4.5 years old and one only 9 months old), time is… limited.  I think if God created the internet back in the beginning, […]

How to simultaneously piss off your most vocal followers while destroying your search rank

I’ve been an internet strategist for most of my adult career. Over the years I have grown from SEO consultant to Brand Manager, outsourced Internet Marketing Director, UI/UX consultant, and at times outsourced CTO/DevOps (When not running my own financial transaction technology company… I like to stay busy). I’ve come to see the path to success […]

Every Transaction Is Sacred

In talking with my friend, John Rooks, a B Corporation “Authentic Marketing Super Hero,” ( founder SOAP , Blog, and his Book ) I had a depth insight into my own company.  I remember discussing how to really tell the Inspire Commerce story.  I wanted a tagline that “nailed it,” and being a huge fan of working […]

Inspire Commerce at Farmers Market

Nothing makes me more happy as an entrepreneur than to see my company on Wednesday and Saturday co-branded with one of the most successful Farmer’s markets in America. Add in Transition Colorado, one of our favorite charities, and it feels pretty darn good.

Once Online Payments Sucked… Then there was InspirePay

Adii, Thank you for the amazing reason to finally launch my own blog… so I can speak freely about this subject (hopefully it will be more than just financial transaction technology, as that would be boring as hell).  I agree 100% that Paypal is absolute shit.  Can they change?… yes.  The issue is, there is NO competition […]

What is SEO?

When many designers and companies think about building a website they hold the customer experience in mind, but often forget about how people find websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of a long term successful web site marketing and web site promotion campaign. Search engine optimization is a specialty in web site […]

Understanding Key Phrase Content Development

At the heart of good search engine optimization is content. What is being spoken about and how that content is organized is the single most important factor in building a good website. If written properly, the content inspires visitors and draws search engine results. If written poorly, visitors will bounce and search engines will not […]