Inspire Commerce® surpasses PayPal, offering payments universally.

BOULDER – While the world was “looking the other way,” engaged in the media frenzy of PayPal Galactic™, Inspire Commerce® quietly announced the perfection of Inspire OmniPresent™.  This evolutionary new platform effects life in space, on earth, the astral, heaven, and even hell.

“Inspire OmniPresent™ is a one of a kind payment methodology. It allows for the exchange of value between sentient consciousness’ through the transmission of positive unconditional value. The system operates on the quantum level, and thus functions through all mediums, be they electronic or not.” says Mark Fischer, Inspire OmniPresent’s co-founder.

Unlike PayPal Galactic™, Inspire OmniPresent™ has no transaction fees, nor will it ever. The only requirement is that the system be used for good, like the repair of karmic debt and/or the evolution of life from suffering to joy.

“I resisted using the system at first,” says Abel, “It’s hard to forgive old betrayals that seem so old they could have been from the dawn of life itself… but now, after using Inspire OmniPresent™, I feel much better about myself, and for sure I know Cain is starting to feel better too. It’s made both of our lives better, which is the pure definition of creating abundance.”

The Inspire OmniPresent™ platform was built for passing positive value throughout the multi-verse.  The company says anyone attempting to spam others through the quantum network will be banned until such spamming has ceased.

The company says it does not exchange or submit data to PRISM or any other government agency including the IRS.  The company says that the exchange of unconditional value comes from an overflowing river of universal love and good will (OmniBenevolence), and that as such it’s par value to the USD is impossible to place.