B Corp Champion “I have a dream award”

Just prior to the launch of InspirePay, I was feeling this weekend like I was just living a dream all alone naked in a blizzard as an entrepreneur.  Then, in the mail on Saturday, what should I receive?  The B Corporation, “I Have A Dream” award.  Issued from a room of visionaries, I have to say I am humbled.

At this point in the game, it feels pretty darn good.  I’m at least being recognized for the dream.  On Monday the 21st of November, I hope the world really enjoyes the first steps of the gift that is InspirePay.  We’ve poured our hearts and souls into it, and I’m excited to see it finally stretch it’s legs in the world.

From the letter sent by B Corporation,

Contratulations!  You are the 2011 recipient of the B Corporation Champion, “I have a dream” award for making Inspire Commerce break the mold of a traditional credit card processing!  The award was presented in your absence at the B Corporation Champions Dinner in Philly.  You were missed!  Cheers, Susan and the B Lab Team.

Thank you B Corp!  Love you guys.