Giveo/Angry Bovine Deliver on Grand Trunk Study Abroad Program

I’ve met shitty designers that would never be allowed in art school, and self proclaimed high power developers that aren’t qualified to write “hello world.”  Rarely, am I “astonished” by profound professionalism in the design/developer space.

Two months ago, I brought together a team for Grand Trunk Goods for a new school covert marketing opp.  I have to say, Ed at Giveo runs a super tight ship, and his relationship with Jay from Angry Bovine is insanely developed (I’ve been working with Jay on InspirePay, and he’s the best web designer I’ve ever had the privilege to work with).  In just one month, they took a concept conceived by Grand Trunk, Dave Millar, and myself… designed a website, and launched it.  Amazing.

If you have a crowd sourcing project, and you need a kick ass team to help you, I just can’t say enough about the duo of Giveo and Angry Bovine.  Kudos.  I can’t wait to see how this project accelerates Grand Trunk’s brand recognition world wide.