What is SEO?

When many designers and companies think about building a website they hold the customer experience in mind, but often forget about how people find websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of a long term successful web site marketing and web site promotion campaign. Search engine optimization is a specialty in web site design, just like a brain surgeon is different from a family practice physician. That is not to say that one is superior to the other. Rather, they both have specific jobs and functions. One deals with people’s interaction on a website, the other with a the knowledge of how search engines index a page, and thus how the people actually find the website.

Are you still asking, “What is SEO?”

A good analogy for understanding search engine optimization is to think of a large mansion as your website. Imagine that you are going to have an appraiser (search engine robot) over to itemize all of your possessions (key phrases). It is the job of the search engine optimizer to make sure that every room is accessible and that every item is easily described, cleaned, and organized. We make sure all of the clutter is removed and that every room is 508c compliant meaning that it is accessible to the disabled. We make sure that all doors (links) are easy to open for the appraiser (search engine robot).

When dealing with clients we have seen “mansions” where there was a note on the front door saying, “do not enter” and the owner was wondering why none of the pages were indexed. Other mansions have doors(links) that the appraiser did not know how to follow and thus only the front waiting room got indexed. We make sure that every room, and all items are indexed. Every item (key phrase) is labeled clearly. The proof speaks for itself. When we started with one of our recent clients, they only had 50 pages indexed. Now they have all 9,280 pages indexed and traffic has obviously increased dramatically.

What’s more, Search Engine Optimization specialists find the right way to describe your mansion and it’s possessions by performing premium key phrase research. We know what items are being looked for by people on search engines, and we know what search terms people are using to try and find your items.

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