Understanding Key Phrase Content Development

At the heart of good search engine optimization is content. What is being spoken about and how that content is organized is the single most important factor in building a good website. If written properly, the content inspires visitors and draws search engine results. If written poorly, visitors will bounce and search engines will not provide visitors.

So, How Does Key Phrase Content Development Work?

Many people have read about key phrase research. Key Phrase Content Development is the art of building key phrases into intelligent sentences and content. If the targeted key phrase is “gall bladder symptom” the art of content writing is to know how often to include the phrase, where it should be written, and even what font style should be utilized. Beyond this, the content should be natural and flowing.

What happens if you use a key phrase too often or use an online density analyzer to product the perfect page?

The answer is simple. Most search engines have a penalty called the OOP or over optimization penalty, and at the core of this is key phrase usage and density. Lets say the article about gall bladder symptom was just going to be a page with the phrase repeated 100 times. The search engines have a filter built into the results that would weed these pages out very quickly. Likewise, if the page is run through a key word density program, which provides the author with input for making the perfect web page, you will also most likely get filtered out of the results for being overly optimized.

What is the perfect key word density?

This changes daily depending on the key phrase market. There might be a perceived best density for all types of content, but there is no single formula for getting results because Google and the other search engines have created a mathematical equation that is so complicated that when individuals try and crack it they get caught up in the over optimization penalty. We have a strong policy of simply making sure that the key phrases are emphasized, but not perfect according to key word density analyzers. Our method is adjusted according to the other web pages in the given key word target group and each page is written specifically to place just above its competitors. Our results speak for themselves. We write content that brings in visitors and sells products.

My Services:

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