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  • Targeting Small Biz Members

    This article was originally published by the CU Times here: When Rick Cranston read recently that 72% of 18- to 34-year olds would consider moving to digital competitors such as PayPal and Wal-Mart, he had to pause to let that potential shift marinate. “That possibility should terrify all of us,” said Cranston, director of […]

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  • Little Snitch & Ghostery = Eye Opening

    I own a payment processing company, and have some security responsibilities.  With the breach of Target and Neiman Marcus, as well as the release of the Snowden NSA files, I spent the holidays really wanting to understand what was happening in the world of security.  While there is little known about the Target/Neiman Marcus (and […]

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  • Inspire Commerce® surpasses PayPal, offering payments universally.

    BOULDER – While the world was “looking the other way,” engaged in the media frenzy of PayPal Galactic™, Inspire Commerce® quietly announced the perfection of Inspire OmniPresent™.  This evolutionary new platform effects life in space, on earth, the astral, heaven, and even hell. “Inspire OmniPresent™ is a one of a kind payment methodology. It allows for […]

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  • “We almost died before going to market”: Startup lessons learned

    This article was first published June 12, 2012, by Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers in her monthly copyhackers newsletter.  If you haven’t read her books and you market products online, you should! A must read. ———————- by Joanna Wiebe June 12, 2012 ———————- I’m in a pretty enviable position as a copywriter working with startups – […]

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  • Our Process of Defining MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

    It seems this year in Q3 and Q4, all I can do is open twitter and see tweets and re-tweets by @ericries about MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and the lean startup. MVP has worked it’s way into the vocabulary of developer and product managers alike…everywhere I go it’s MVP this or MVP that.  Now, while […]

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  • Christmas Doesn’t Suck

    This year, as I decorated the Christmas tree with my family, I was amazed to watch my “four and three quarter” year old son’s eyes grow larger and larger as he anticipated the “big show.” I could see his buzzing, which reminded me of my own childish obsession to receive, “things,” from Santa. I couldn’t […]

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  • Regretsy v. Paypal => InspirePay Use Case #1

    After reading the “Cats 1, Kids 0” article from Regretsy, I just need to speak my mind.  There is a saying in my office, “to know freedom is to allow freedom.” You say, “So everyone should be free to accept credit card payments, yes?” No. Why?  Because of a few sick, ill souls that traveled […]

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  • InspirePay in Denver Post

    InspirePay In the Denver Post

    It’s not every day that I get to be in the newspaper.  This is the third article mentioning InspirePay in local papers (this time the Denver Post), and the first one to be syndicated, showing up as well in the Daily Camera.  I think Andy Vuong did a great job with the article, accept for one […]

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